Girls in Aviation Day 2023

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Girls in Aviation Day 2023!

We are so excited to host Girls in Aviation Day at Pearson Field Airport in Vancouver, Washington in partnership with Airway Science for Kids on Saturday, September 23rd from 10am until 5pm. All ages and genders are welcome. This event will include aviation activities for all ages, including:

~ an airport scavenger hunt ~ arts and crafts ~
~ learning how to fly a drone ~ learning how to plan flights ~
~ learning how to talk on the radio with ATC controllers ~
~ learning about weather from a NOAA Meteorologist ~
~ meet and greet with women who represent different aviation career paths ~
~ meet and greet local pilots while sitting inside airplanes and helicopters ~
~ a resume and scholarship workshop ~ career panel ~
~ and booths representing many different aviation organizations and companies ~

There will also be a chance to enroll in our SOAR mentorship program and work with another woman in aviation who can help you kickstart your career or journey with aviation.

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